Abbie is a doctoral student in the management department at Columbia University. She conducts research on the topics of negotiation, prosocial behavior, status, hierarchy, and influence, and nonverbal communication.


The Ergonomics of Dishonesty: The Effect of Incidental Expansive Posture on Stealing, Cheating and Traffic Violations (2013). Psychological Science. Authors: Andy J. Yap, Abbie S. Wazlawek, Brian J. Lucas, Amy J. Cuddy, & Dana R. Carney (link to paper)

Pushing in the dark: causes and consequences of limited self-awareness for interpersonal assertiveness. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Authors: Daniel R. Ames, & Abbie S. Wazlawek (link to paper)


With great power comes great…morality? Viewing powerful authorities as high in moral character. Authors: Jennifer R. Overbeck, Leigh Plunkett Tost, & Abbie S. Wazlawek

Maintaining a monster: Faint assertiveness feedback signals in a force field. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek & Daniel R. Ames

Thanking down: When expressions of gratitude signal status. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek

Coming to the table: Where you sit affects how you negotiate. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek, Joshua I. Davis, Dana R. Carney

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