2018        User Researcher, ClassPass

2017        User Researcher, Verst

2015        Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

2014        Research Fellow, Harvard Law School


2015         Ph.D.        Organizational Behavior, Columbia University

2009         B.A.          Psychology and Economics, University of Southern California


2014         Graduate Research Fellow, Program on Negotiation, Harvard University

2013         Negotiation Fellow, Columbia Business School


Pushing in the dark: Causes and consequences of limited self-awareness for interpersonal assertiveness (2014). Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Authors: Daniel R. Ames and Abbie S. Wazlawek (link to paper)

The ergonomics of dishonesty: The effect of incidental expansive posture on stealing, cheating and traffic violations (2013). Psychological Science. Authors: Andy J. Yap, Abbie S. Wazlawek, Brian J. Lucas, Amy J. C. Cuddy, and Dana R. Carney (link to paper)


Over-assertive and oblivious: Asymmetric transmission and acceptance of assertiveness feedback. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek and Daniel R. Ames. (request manuscript). Revise and resubmit, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Making Processes

With great power comes great…morality? Viewing powerful authorities as high in moral character. Authors: Jennifer R. Overbeck, Leigh P. Tost, and Abbie S. Wazlawek. (request manuscript). Preparing for submission

Women give more than they receive: How gender influences reciprocal concessions. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek and Nicole M. Stephens. (request manuscript). Preparing for submission.

Thanking down: When expressions of gratitude signal authority. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek. (request manuscript). Preparing for submission

Anchors away: The sources and impact of counteroffers. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek, Martin Schweinsburg, and David Loschelder. (request manuscript). Preparing for submission

Interpersonal assertiveness: Inside the balancing act. Authors: Daniel R. Ames, Alice J. Lee, and Abbie S. Wazlawek. Invited contribution to Social and Personality Psychology Compass. (request manuscript). Preparing for submission

Competitive strategies in cooperative contexts: Negotiator hormone profiles ill-suited for the setting. Authors: Abbie S. Wazlawek, Nour Kteily, and Jon K. Maner. Data collection

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